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Dear community

As part of our customer-centric initiatives, we started a quarterly report which seeks to understand the sentiment among our community outreach as well as to identify opportunity areas that our team should prioritize.

As one may imagine, due to the massive development the group of contributors has delivered, resources for community outreach have been somewhat limited.

We hope by understanding the feedback we could prioritize those low-hanging fruits which could have the most positive impact on the community and ecosystem.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Part I — Quantitative feedback

A key centric metric across leading projects is called the NPS score, which stands for the net promoting score.

There has been significant research about how effective this measure is at providing touchpoints for various renowned firms and it is the reason why we decided to implement it.

Going forward, the goal would be to track it on a quarterly or more often if possible, based on our disponibility and limited capacity.

As the project develops further, one could grow therefore a historical record that could help us pinpoint what is it that we have done positively to improve the ecosystem.

“Calculating your NPS score is as simple as tallying up your responses and subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters. For example, if 60% of respondents are promoters, 10% are detractors, and 30% are passives, your NPS would be 60–10=50.”

In the form, we asked: On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our business to a friend or colleague? out of 13 replies, we obtained the following score for August.


This is our community NPS for August

How to interpret it

Promoters are the people who gave you a score of 9 or 10, while detractors are people who rated 6 or lower. For context, most companies have scores around 31 to 50, but that can vary by industry. More about it here:

While most companies with established businesses and processes are not comparable to young projects it provides perspective as to how far we can improve. A negative figure suggests that we still have lots of opportunities to improve the current sentiment by turning detractors into fans, starting with letting you know we’ve heard your feedback and will act on it. Most exciting is the opportunity to turn our promoters into advocates, by helping us to spread the word about the exciting dApp contributors have delivered.

From the second question, we can tell that most feedback came from token holders signaling their interest to improve the overall ecosystem. Interestingly there are a few players observing from the sideway. This means simply an opportunity to grow by enhancing the ecosystem with new members.

It is clear that whilst our team is strong in tech it still has an opportunity to improve on marketing and business development. While these two areas are significantly broad, one may think of improving the website copyright, adding further documentation, running campaigns, and so on. Interestingly users were of the opinion that tech was outstanding and therefore should receive the least emphasis going forward. Kudos to the team and dev Ops for their great job. One aspect that defines us is the rate of innovation at which we continue delivering functional applications our users can enjoy. Without their effort, it would not have been possible to get this far. What’s most exciting is that there are massive releases lined up for H2.

Same as above it seems the community who provided feedback are content with the ecosystem features as well as our novel multi-chain setup and strong partnerships with other leading projects. Nevertheless, the form has highlighted an area of opportunity referring to tokenomics as well as its management. While many questions related to these topics have been answered across our social media such as telegram, we are of the opinion that having a decent landing that educates the audience with a decent frequently asked question would likely improve the overall knowledge for newcomers. This said, while it was not included within the priorities of the feedback, we are brainstorming whether to set up a Gitbook or any sort of tool to elaborate further about our complex ecosystem with the goal to answer some of these questions in a scalable way.

Part 2 — Qualitative feedback

So far the first section of this article focuses on reviewing quantitative replies from the community. As not all feedback can be captured in this way, we created a section for text which we hope could enable the respondent to share fully his feedback and to be heard.

What is it you like about Rollapp (by Curio Capital) and CurioDAO?

Most inspiring answer: always moving forward

Feature driving asset: Fractional access to valuable tokenized assets, Good concept, Very genuine, and easy to use.

Most visionary answer: The foundation and potential to become one of the big players in the world of real asset-based crypto platform

In a nutshell: Rollapp has a great concept and the design of the web page is very good

Without doubts, the premise of RWA tokenization is attractive in the eyes of many. Moreover, it is clear, that the activity on collabs and integrations with alternative projects/chains has helped. Last, but not least, the current technical suite is what respondents celebrated the most.

What do you understand the least about Rollapp (by Curio Capital) and CurioDAO?

How will it bring value to CGT token apart from governance?

Asked a respondent. As you would imagine we have brought several utilities which can be summarized in the image below. While some are already live, others are planned within our roadmap.

We received 9 answers, with extraordinary valuable feedback.

A respondent said:“…Hoping on VCs to fund development is such a difficult road to travel especially when you’re building your project on the easiest capital market there is, the crypto market. Why not use that also for the financial aspect of your company instead of only as a technical foundation…”

This is in fact true and quite an eye-opening for the industry as a whole. The respondent continued “The top 100 tokens came in the top 100 because they made the crypto side of the project the most important.”

While CurioDAO has done lots of effort to develop the crypto side of RWA the reality is that when it comes to RWA a lot of legal and regulatory topics are required for a sound setup. This said it is a reminder to enhance community and marketing even stronger in the coming future.

The community also expressed its excitement to get more RWA in place, such as TESLA, more cars, diamonds, and real estate.


Last, a respondent asked for faster “loading graphics on pages (these animations are heavy to load) and responsive mobile version of rollapp. As well as to “maintained other websites of curio such as Curioinvest and update the information there.”

Last, there was again emphasis on elaborating more about tokenomics and value capture mechanism for CurioDAO.

Here you can learn about the CurioDAO tokenomics

CurioDAO tokenomics

Please remember, only one thing is certain and that is change. Based on the market dynamics hence some of these features and content it is likely to evolve to meet the demand from the market.

It’s been a great experience writing this article and realizing how many respondents care about CurioDAO as well as the great job the team has delivered.

There is no doubt the future ahead seems promising with projects like CurioDAO which provide anyone the opportunity to contribute either by providing feedback or by creating votes via the Governance protocol link.

Until next time, stay tuned, stay Curio.

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