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4 min readMar 29, 2022


Zug, March 29, 2022 — Today we are thrilled to announce that RollApp, CurioDAO’s NFT launchpad, is now live on the SKALE network. To celebrate, we’re dropping a new collection of real-world asset NFTs. Every day, starting from today, new assets will go live on RollApp.Store.

What’s new on RollApp with this update:

1. Support for the SKALE network, and a bridge between Ethereum and SKALE. Trading on the SKALE network is gas-free. You can trade NFTs with Curio Governance Token (CGT).

2. 8 new real-world asset NFTs are already on sale on RollApp on the SKALE network. There are 50 RWA assets in the pipeline, with new drops every day. There is no identity verification required to purchase an NFT. These NFTs are Wrapped versions of the original NFTs. Each real-world asset (RWA) NFT can be redeemed at any time for the real physical item, but this requires a verified account with CurioInvest, which involves a KYC procedure.

Our partners at SKALE are giving away bonuses to every user who buys an NFT from this collection. 🎉

Here is the reward structure based on asset price:

<100 USD → 2 USD in SKL
100–500 USD → 5 USD in SKL
500–1000 USD → 10 USD in SKL
>1000 → 20 USD in SKL

New RWAs:

⁃ KAWS “Bearbrick Neighborhood Kaws 1000%”

⁃ KAWS “Gray Bearbrick 1000%”

⁃ KAWS “Bearbrick Loopwheeler 1000%”

⁃ KAWS “Bearbrick Fragment x The Park-Ing Ginza 1000%”

⁃ “Battletoads” game cartridge

⁃ “Earthworm Jim 1+2” game cartridge

⁃ “Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 Low ‘Volt’” sneakers

⁃ Off-White x Nike Air Force 1 Low ‘MCA’ sneakers

🤫 New drops every day! Stay tuned!

3. Now you can trade fractional NFTs (ERC-1155) on the Ethereum and SKALE networks. This applies to the Mercedes AMG GTS shares and Mario NFT tokens on To trade, you must have a verified account on CurioInvest with KYC.

4. Any user can now create an asset tokenization request. To do this, click the “create” button on and verify your account via CurioInvest. Tokenization requests will be processed after the user data regarding the RWA has been confirmed. Then the asset will be tokenized for the user on the SKALE network and made available for trading.

Gasless Real-World Asset NFT minting and trading secured by Ethereum will onboard a critical mass of eager traders, investors, and creators locked out of the often needlessly expensive and exclusive NFT market.

“As Ethereum’s high gas fees become impossible to work with, when the cost of a USDT-ETH swap can reach 200 USD on Uniswap, and when NFT minting costs are through the roof, CurioDAO and SKALE give users the ultimate solution. We are very pleased to offer gasless NFT minting on our Rollapp marketplace and zero-cost swaps on CapitalDex,” says Vladimir Kislinskii, co-founder and CTO of CurioDAO.

For more information, please visit:

RollApp I Capital Dex | CurioDAO I Twitter I Discord I Telegram I YouTube

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