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Zug, February 15, 2022 — For a long time now, CurioDAO has been exploring the integration of blockchain technology and quantum communication.

For obvious reasons, security has always been of central importance in blockchain research, and discoveries in quantum computing offer crucial assistance in providing the strongest security possible for long-distance communication.

In collaboration with Evgeny Vorobyov, the head of Qrio Labs, doctor of technical sciences, associate professor, CurioDAO is now presenting the quantum communications development lab and its members — Qrio. The innovation lab uses advanced quantum products and technologies to ensure long-term protection of data and public safety. It is backed by the top research team in the field of quantum systems and telecommunications, quantum data storage, mathematical apparatus for compressing information of arbitrary volumes and lossless presentation formats.

The Qrio labs team is a young and ambitious group of developers passionate about quantum and classical communications.
The Qrio labs team is a young and ambitious group of developers passionate about quantum and classical communications.

The first prototype to emerge from Qrio Lab, CurioDAO’s research team, is the Quantum Pager (or QPager), for exchanging messages using quantum key encryption. Messages are transmitted over a quantum communication channel between devices, and the key is generated according to the BB84 quantum key distribution algorithm over a quantum line. The prototype QPager is built on a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B and a ROCK Pi Zero.

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B — black screens
ROCK Pi Zero — boards to which white screens are connected

Currently, the scope of this QPager prototype is limited to the Quantum Center, but messaging between devices at any distance will be possible in the near future.

Given the increasing prevalence and sophistication of identity theft in the world of cryptocurrency, the possibility of generating shared encryption keys that cannot be intercepted or forged is vital. Quantum communication channels offer the most powerful solution in this regard, and the technology can be used to encrypt any data, including text messages, video and images.

Qrio Lab — Integrating quantum communication and blockchain technology

Qrio Lab is also developing a private blockchain based on the Substrate Framework to store the quantum key stream and validate the stream generation process over time. In the future, we aim to create a public smart contract blockchain that uses quantum keys from a private blockchain. There will also be a full-fledged quantum messenger for users of CurioDAO applications, including hardware devices and web apps.

Integrating quantum communication technologies into RollApp Messenger

As a partner to many high-profile companies (to be announced soon), providing state-of-the-art security is fundamental to Rollapp’s development. In our effort to make the Rollapp experience as secure as possible, as well as fast and cost-efficient thanks to SKALE, Curio DAO plans to provide users of the NFT launchpad with their own hardware devices for interacting with Rollapp Messenger. Multi-factor biometric authentication will also be possible. Even when using RollApp Messenger without a hardware device, quantum technology will still increase the security of communications across the platform. Other aspects of Rollapp that will benefit are the tokenization of users’ Real-World Assets (RWA), KYC / AML procedures for owning RWA NFTs, P2P purchase transactions, RWA NFT sales, and on-chain reputation (using LUKSO solutions).

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