CurioInvest Announces ‘Founders Series’ 2015 Ferrari F12tdf CT1 Digital Asset Capital Raise

Ferrari F12tdf, Founders Edition Tokenized Supercar

Vaduz, Liechtenstein; ​15 June 2020 — CurioInvest, the market leader and technology pioneer for tokenized collectables, is pleased to announce its Founders Series 2015 Ferrari F12tdf CT1 digital asset capital raise.

Now clients have access to collectable assets to build a diversified portfolio with real assets. In times of market turmoil and uncertainty, CurioInvest is providing an alternative to traditional asset classes previously reserved to the very few.

Just a few weeks ago, CurioInvest business model was recognized among the top 10 Swiss FinTechs by McKinsey’s leading start-up program as well as broadcasted on the National TV across all Switzerland.

As Credit Suisse highlighted in its 2018 report, from 1980 to 2017, classic cars were by far the best performing collectable asset. Moreover, as Hagerty Index shows from 2007 to 2019 rare Ferrari prices increased +340%, with clear spikes during the periods of monetary stimulus. However only the very wealthy few benefited from this value appreciation, until now. CurioInvest is challenging this status quo.

CurioInvest collectable car offering is reachable to all, with a low minimum purchase of just $100. Once the soft cap is reached, the car will be professionally stored, maintained, and insured on behalf of the investors by reputable world-class partners. CT1 represents the 2015 Ferrari F12tdf of the top “concours” grade, from the highly prestigious limited-edition (799 production run), invitation-only series.

In an unprecedented manner, investors will be able to trade tokens peer to peer without any trading window restrictions or lock-ups. This unique feature enables our investors to participate seamlessly in collectable assets starting with $1 by trading directly on the upcoming exchanges.

CurioInvest founder Says: It’s a big step in expanding CurioInvest’s footprint and ecosystem and making real assets such as collectible cars accessible to the public.”

A revolution in collectables. Be part of it and make history with us.

The CT1 digital asset capital raise is expected to be finalized mid-July 2020.
More details regarding the CurioInvest ‘Founders Series’ 2015 Ferrari F12tdf CT1 digital asset capital raise.

More info about the car:

About CurioInvest
CurioInvest provides a technology platform for investments in ultra-rare cars and the creation & management of institutional-grade digital assets.

Asset managers and private investors will be able to diversify in top vetted tokenized collectables that trade at stock markets. In the $20B collectable car market, CurioInvest offers the highest security, full automation, and a customizable, yet highly scalable wealth-tech solution, based on DLT.

The company was founded by a former team member of kooaba after the exit to Qualcomm. Within just 2 years of foundation, CurioInvest has created a significant footprint in the industry considered by UBS Future of Finance and McKinsey’s program among the top 10 Swiss FinTech’s.

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CurioDAO — powered by tokenized real-world assets. Invest, collect, swap, earn, stake, and more within the DeFi ecosystem.

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