An Introduction to CurioDAO: The first Community-Driven Tokenized Real Asset Launchpad

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6 min readDec 15, 2020


Read this article to understand CGT in 5 minutes or less.

CurioDAO is a decentralized launchpad that helps promising real-world assets achieve their full potential via tokenization by leveraging the investment power and buzz-making potential of our community.

The demand for exotic supercars has increasingly grown in recent years. One reason is the price of some collectible cars has increased significantly. Exotic supercar models like Ferrari, Bugatti, Mclaren, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Jaguar, etc., are going for whopping sums of money these days, often in millions of dollars.

While the luxury car industry itself is experiencing impressive growth, there’s no streamlined platform for tokenizing these automobiles, which could lead to better asset management, sales, and more efficient record-keeping. The sector is exploding, and while many people have benefitted from it and earned legitimate profits, many forgeries are going on, costing people millions of dollars.

Decentralizing Opportunity: How it Works

The CurioDAO, a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is focused on decentralized governance and works together with Chainlink Oracles, which helps maintain the integrity of price feeds for various tokens on the network.

One of the tokens is the Curio Governance Token (CGT), a utility token. The other is the Curio Stablecoin (CSC), used for collateral management and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) purposes by helping create stablecoins inside the Creator Protocol. The Creator Protocol itself is managed by a decentralized consensus of the CGT token holders who use it to maintain the stable nature of the cryptocurrency.

CurioInvest: How It Works

CurioInvest’s system is geared to help companies tokenize real-world assets on a decentralized blockchain-based token issuance system. CurioInvest offers security tokens backed by Real-world assets wrapped with a regulatory qualification in Liechtenstein. Most of the new tokens being offered in the blockchain space are only utility tokens meaning they can be used as payment for performing various functions on the blockchain. Still, they can’t be used to represent any real-world assets.

However, CurioInvest is looking to offer security tokens, which aren’t legal anywhere else in the world except in crypto-friendly regions like Switzerland and some other countries. CurioInvest’s governance solution, CurioDAO, is based on the Ethereum and Polkadot networks.

All CGT token holders are contributors to the system and vote for further development of the feature. The CGT is, for all purposes, a utility token that is aimed to decentralize and incentivize the governance of the Curio ecosystem.

CurioDAO: Decentralized Governance

The CurioDAO system is handled by the Curio Protocol, which is governed using the CGT tokens. The protocol is designed to give the holders of the governance token a say in the running of the system and its future updates.

Many blockchain-based platforms speak of decentralization and equitable power for the token holders but rarely fulfill the promise of true decentralization. As a successful company in the collectible cars industry, CurioInvest is working towards making an efficient platform and engaging people from all walks of life while promoting a fair, equitable blockchain ecosystem.

Curio Governance Token (CGT)

The main utility token of the platform, CGT, has a sizable supply. It was kept this way so that more and more people could become a part of it. To maintain a decentralized, open protocol, the Creator Protocol's decentralized governance proposals are set in such a way that anyone can come forward with a proposal. You don’t even have to own CGTs to submit proposals.

This helps keep the network open for all and allows outsiders to join the discussion (even if no voting powers) and improve it overall. After an initial proposal, CGT holders can then vote to determine the outcome of the proposal. Each entity's voting power depends on the number of CGT tokens locked in place in the voting contract.

Two types of proposals can be put forward in the CGT ecosystem. They include:

  1. Proposals that help improve the ecosystem by maintaining the integrity of the Creator Protocol; and
  2. Service polls, which affect other less-critical proposals regarding the protocol.

If a user has put more CGTs in the voting contract in the same vein, they’ll have higher voting power and thus more say in the governance process. If any proposal is approved, the suggested changes are immediately implemented in the native Curio Creator Protocol.

Finally, CSC holders will enjoy considerable rewards for staking their stablecoins.

Curio StableCoin (CSC)

The CSC is another digital token in the Curio ecosystem. It can be generated by holders of the security tokens that are tied to real-world classic cars. Any security token holder can swap his tokens for CSCs by dropping assets into the creator vault present in the Creator Protocol.

Once the stablecoins have been generated and agreed upon by the CGT token holders' consensus through the Creator Protocol, they are free for use. You can use them like any other cryptocurrency. It can be used to pay for services, bills, and whatnot.

Furthermore, users can convert their crypto assets into stablecoins through the CSC token and then redeem them later. The CSC can also be used for the long-term savings of any user. All CSC transactions are publicly available for increased transparency.

There are considerable staking rewards available for the token holders too.


The native blockchain to be used in CurioInvest’s project is called Parachain. Parachain is currently in the testnet stage, and the system is benefitting from a hybrid Ethereum-Polkadot arrangement. Once the Curio ecosystem is up and running, the Parachain testnet will be deployed, and all token holders on the Ethereum chain will migrate to the native Parachain. Holders of CGT tokens will also be eligible to receive additional rewards on the Parachain, thus incentivizing the voluntary migration.

However, this migration is planned for later years, and once it’s achieved, only then will users be able to benefit from its groundbreaking features. Development on the Ethereum blockchain will not stop and will run parallel to the Parachain system for a while. Token holders will be incentivized to move from the Ethereum chain but slowly so that the new network's credibility can be achieved.


The CurioInvest’s project can be a potential groundbreaking initiative for the collectibles industry starting right now with the collectible cars. Tokenization of assets is the future of development, and soon, most of the assets will be tokenized and traded on decentralized platforms. You can become a part of it, too.

CurioInvest does not make investment recommendations. No communication through this website or any other medium should be construed as a recommendation for any security offered on or off this investment platform. Investing in private placements, tokens, and cars involve a high degree of risk, including, but not limited to, illiquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment, and dilution, and those investors who cannot afford to lose their entire investment should not invest. Purchases of Tokens/ICO’s are even higher risk, including, but not limited to, complete loss of capital, regulatory & tax uncertainty, cyber-security attacks, Blockchain risks, and no shareholder rights. is targeted exclusively at investors who are sufficiently sophisticated to understand these risks and make their own investment decisions. You will only be able to invest via once you are registered as sufficiently sophisticated. Investments may lose value; there are no guarantees, securities and investments are not Insured, and neither CurioInvest Capital nor its affiliated companies.



CurioDAO Ecosystem

CurioDAO accelerates real asset tokenization through community-powered tools, fostering research and development with CGT tokens for governance.