CurioInvest and Chainlink Bringing Real-Time Valuations to Collectible Car Market

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4 min readJun 24, 2020


CurioInvest collaborates with Chainlink to provide the world’s first real-time benchmark price for collectible cars

Vaduz, Liechtenstein; 24 June 2020 —, the go-to blockchain platform for tokenized investments in ultra-rare cars, is pleased to announce its collaboration with Chainlink to bring transparency and trust to price valuations for our collection of tokenized vehicles.

CurioInvest uses the blockchain to democratize investment into ultra-rare cars by tokenizing them on the blockchain. Investors can buy “car tokens” which trade like shares and represent a stake in a particular vehicle. The car tokens can then trade on open markets, providing liquidity to typically illiquid markets.

For decades, pricing classic and collector vehicles has been extraordinarily challenging, requiring research for historic provenance and scrolling across auction results to find comparable car values. These challenges keep many potential participants out of the market and result in users having to pay hefty fees to third party evaluators to identify originality and determine the real market price of such assets.

Starting today, CurioInvest is working with Chainlink to challenge the status quo by creating a reliable and neutral price feed for determining the value of ultra-rare, collectible cars. Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that allows the blockchain to connect to data feeds existing outside the blockchain in a highly secure and reliable manner. CurioInvest will leverage Chainlink to aggregate multiple data feeds into a single trusted valuation, bringing price transparency to each rare car or collectible asset available on our platform.

The benefits are tangible as traders can invest in any of CurioInvest’s car tokens and trade against a reliable benchmark. Having a reliable benchmark will increase market liquidity and decrease slippage, all with the comfort of knowing that originality and prices for rare cars are being sourced by a pool of trusted independent sources.

By combining a Chainlink-enabled benchmark with independent valuations across secondary sources, CurioInvest will bring real-time access to the valuations of collectible cars. This is a world’s first, and a major step towards CurioInvest’s goal of bringing liquidity to non-bankable assets.

This collaboration sets an unprecedented milestone in the world of collectibles, previously known for notoriously opaque pricing. CurioInvest joins the high caliber group of DeFi projects striving to enhance price transparency and liquidity through the use of Chainlink’s secure and reliable oracles, including Synthetix, Loopring, Aave, and DMM.

The CurioInvest ‘Founders Series’ collectible, a 2015 Ferrari F12tdf CT1, has been chosen for the first iteration of the integration: It’s currently in the fundraising round, of which more details can be found here.

Moreover, this integration serves as a valuable stepping stone for greater decentralization of the CurioInvest platform. Some planned features on our roadmap include a distributed collateral pool of digital assets backed by collectibles, which may collateralize stablecoins and even DeFi products such as insurance protection. Such products would significantly rely on various Chainlink price feeds to keep stable and fully collateralized. Having reliable financial products backed by real-world assets could bring substantially more liquidity to collectible car tokens and other rare assets.

Commenting on the collaboration, Daniel Kochis, Head of Chainlink Business Development stated “We’re excited to provide secure and reliable data oracles to CurioInvest to help them pioneer a new market dynamic around bringing real-time benchmark prices to the collectibles industry. This can not only expand the amount of liquidity available for rare assets, but provision trading markets based on reliable data feeds.”

Fernando Verboonen, Cofounder at CurioInvest says: Chainlink brings crucial infrastructure for building the CurioInvest ecosystem, ultimately making rare collectible assets as liquid as possible. It genuinely provides the missing piece in the puzzle that I’ve been seeking, allowing CurioInvest to easily create a system of valuation analytics for all CurioInvest’s rare cars or other collectibles.

CurioInvest aims to build a transparent marketplace for many different types of collectibles and this collaboration lays the initial architecture towards offering a transparent, secure, and practical marketplace.

A revolution in collectibles. Be part of it and make history with us.

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If you’re an investor or collector and want to learn more about tokenized cars, visit CurioInvest to learn more about our upcoming assets and Investor relations. If you want to schedule a call to discuss your asset more in-depth, reach out here.

CurioInvest provides a technology platform for investments in ultra-rare cars, and the creation & management of institutional-grade digital assets. Asset managers and private investors will be able to diversify in top-vetted tokenized collectables that trade at stock markets. In the $20B collectable car market, CurioInvest offers the highest security, full automation, and a customizable, yet highly scalable wealth-tech solution based on DLT. The company was founded by a former team member of kooaba after the exit to Qualcomm. Within just 2 years of foundation, CurioInvest has created a significant footprint in the industry considered by UBS Future of Finance and McKinsey’s venture program among the top 10 Swiss FinTechs.

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