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5 min readDec 31, 2021


Zug, December 31, 2021 — In more ways than one, crypto moves lightning fast — the pace of technical invention, transaction speed, the propagation of memes and new ideas…

For this reason, it’s always essential to take stock at the end of the year to remind ourselves of what’s been accomplished, and what remains to be done. 2021 has been a bumper year for CurioDAO, packed with prestigious partnerships, milestone releases, and plenty of bonuses for community members.


The biggest event for CurioDAO this year was the launch of Rollapp, the world’s first Real-World Asset NFT Launchpad, revealed by the team at the Eiffel Tower during Eth Paris. Early users of the dapp had the chance to snap up some wine, collectible sneakers, and Curio Founders Edition NFTs (more about these below).

On CapitalDEX, we launched our wrapped Ferrari tokens, finally giving everyone a chance to buy and sell fractional shares in a Ferrari F12tdf.

2021 may have been the year of the NFT, but it was also the year of the bridge. CurioDAO is committed to a multi-chain ecosystem, and our bridge to Binance Smart Chain is just one step in that direction.

We also launched CGT staking our Polkadot parachain. Early CGT holders were given the opportunity to create a parachain wallet on the CurioInvest website to receive an airdrop on the parachain. These users could then get familiar with the exciting new staking interface and earn passive income.

Speaking of passive income, the second car to be tokenized by CurioDao was the Mercedes GTS, and investing in this car grants token holders a share of all rental fees!


From the outset, CurioDAO has forged lasting connections with the most respected names in crypto. This year has been no different. We worked with MakerDAO to expand investment opportunities into real world assets. We integrated Chainlink price feeds to support collectible car NFTs and security tokens. The Curio team also made a detailed proposal on the MakerDAO forum to add Curio Stable Coin (CSC) as collateral for multi-collateral DAI lending protocol. CSC is one of the pillars of the Curio ecosystem, backed by tokenized real-world assets.

At Ethcc Paris we announced a groundbreaking project with NEAR: carbon neutral tokenization of collectible assets. There has been plenty of “ESG fud” around Bitcoin and other proof-of-work protocols this year, including from Elon Musk himself. People would understandably prefer a future of finance that doesn’t burn a hole in the ozone layer. While the arguments around Bitcoin’s energy usage is complicated, NEAR’s solution for environmentally sustainable crypto is one that we are immensely excited to be involved with. And given Musk’s aforementioned concern with Bitcoin, we think he’ll be very happy to hear about a tokenized TESLA Roadster on the NEAR blockchain!

Given how highly prized many of Curio’s real-world assets are, we need the best that blockchain technology has to offer in terms of security and authenticity. To that end, we are working with Proof Of Humanity and Kleros to ensure traders that items such as an original Super Mario Bros game are verifiably safe, secure and…. real!

Skynet, a world-class liquidity provider, brought algorithmic trading and six figures of liquidity to CapitalDex. And Prestigious, expert curators of luxury getaways, will be hosting their Prestigious NFT Experiences on Rollapp.

CurioDAO have also integrated SKALE’s incredible gasless technology on CapitalDEX. That’s right, users will be able to trade all the Curio ecosystem tokens and more with zero gas fees! A recent vote showed that this was what the community was most excited about.


CurioDAO user growth has been huge this year. We leveraged social media platforms like Telegram, Twitter and Discord to reach thousands of new members, traders and investors. A great example of this is our Meme Contest, where we invited members to create funny and meaningful images promoting the CurioDAO ecosystem, for a prize of $1000 in CGT. Perhaps you’ve already enjoyed a few entries on Telegram, Discord or Twitter.

The team also brought CurioDAO to new eyes and ears by participating in a number of major AMA sessions with the likes of Chainlink, MakerDAO and Bitboy.

We were very happy to see CGT listed on Bittrex. There will be plenty more exchange listings for Curio tokens in 2022!

Along with Real-World Asset NFTs, Rollapp also features Curio Founders Edition NFTs. These tokens give holders access to the Curio Founders’ Membership Club, which grants a variety of discounts, bonuses and privileges. Season 2 of the Founders Edition series featured Curio Punks. These tokens are two-in-one, existing on both the Ethereum and the Ethereum Classic networks. Founders Edition NFTs are the perfect way to sign and seal the partnership between members of the community, and reward their contributions.

Here’s to an equally fast and furious 2022!

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