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You are probably familiar with the concept of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The DAO is a new way of looking at organizations. It is an organization that partners with its customers and uses self-executing code to implement the rules of its organizational structure. By leveraging smart contracts on a blockchain, DAOs can structure themselves to meet specific goals and requirements like those needed by their founders.

CurioDAO is providing the tools for others to create their own DAOs. I hope this may inspire you to form a group of people on a related topic or industry and become one of the early adopters: Guardians for your favorite real asset (e.g. fine art, rare cars, etc), physical asset pricing oracles, authenticators, appraisers, unite!

How it works

The future of real assets belongs to everyone, not just the wealthy. DAOs are organizations whose activities are controlled by blockchain-based immutable smart contracts. A DAO is a decentralized organization that works in an entirely autonomous way on the basis of unbreakable smart-contracts on the blockchain, with no need of intermediaries, which means that every member can participate in its functionality management as well as take part in acquiring new assets or increasing ones owned. The emergence of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) provides us with an entirely new perspective on how we view and conduct transactions and value exchange online.

The Curio ecosystem has six components:

1) (by Curio Capital — Swiss Based): enables users to earn income on their real assets, freeing up capital and allowing crypto investors to trade their way to diversify with a real asset portfolio. A marketplace enables the creation of physical NFTs as well as the direct investment into asset originators’ real assets. Asset originators consign their real assets digitally, decreasing costs and, addressing key liquidity gaps.

Rollapp was part of the SKALE launch program with only five other players. Since then, Rollapp has been leading traction on the SKALE network, grown 2x in the last quarter and has integrated with Chainlink and MakerDAO.

2) (by subsidiary Curio AG — Liechtenstein Based): CurioInvest is an online platform powered by blockchain technology that enables investors to purchase tokens directly backed by limited edition collectable cars. These tokens allow investors to share in the profits if the value of the underlying cars increases, making it opening the door for everyone to be a collector and investor.

3) Stable Protocol Module (by CurioDAO): A system that enables you to lend your physical NFTs in exchange for instant liquidity in the form of CSC Curio Stablecoin Coin pegged to Swiss Franc. CSC is a fully collateralized CHF stablecoin developed by CurioDAO, the open source project with Curio being the first of several forthcoming issuers.

Curio Stablecoin Coin is a global system where anyone can borrow or lend their physical NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) at their interest rates, enabling the interoperability of cryptocurrencies with real-world physical assets.

4) CapitalDEX AMM Module (by CurioDAO): Creating liquid real assets markets via autonomous algorithmic market makers and decentralized finance.

5) Wrapped Token Module (by CurioDAO): CurioDAO has created a new legal primitive for ownership and intellectual property (IP) ownership called Wrapped Fractional Physical-NFTs that allows communities to invest in real assets. Wrapped Fractional Physical-NFTs allow asset originators to rebalance without needing to sell early or auction their assets.

6) Communities & Governance Module: A community of Guardians, Audit Oracles, Physical Asset Pricing Oracles, Authenticators, and Appraisers collaborate to form knowledge groups in specific real asset areas e.g. fine art, rare cars, watches, gaming cartridges, sneakers, fine wine and more.

As a result, CurioDAO aims to help bring innovative real-asset-backed asset classes to market more efficiently, transparently, and equitably.


Going forward these groups will be structured as Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) which allow for community governance and shared financial decision-making. CurioDAO seeds DAOs in relevant asset areas, such as FerrariDAO, a growing community of members focused on scouting collectible Ferraris that has funded >$1m in real assets across the world.


While the full potential of NFT apps is still being realized, we are excited about the possibilities for the future. With projects such as Curio in development, there is no telling what kinds of real-world assets will be available to be collected and traded on the blockchain in years to come. But one thing is certain: digital asset ownership will continue to expand its reach into our lives, and everyday goods will soon become a new category of desirable blockchain collectibles.

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CurioDAO Ecosystem

CurioDAO accelerates real asset tokenization through community-powered tools, fostering research and development with CGT tokens for governance.