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5 min readNov 25, 2021


As part of our celebrations for the recent developments and upcoming collection on Rollapp, the team at CurioDAO is giving away $1000 value of $CGT in prizes for a Meme Contest!

Join CurioDAO Meme Contest NOW!

The rules are simple:

● Create a meaningful and funny meme about CurioDAO (photo, video, gif, sticker, etc.) containing the CurioDAO logo (we welcome contest participants to use CurioDAO’s partners’ logos, mascot, token symbol, and etc. as part of their meme creation).

● To participate, simply tweet your submissions using:

#CurioDAO #CapitalDex #RollAppNFTLaunchpad $CGT #CurioDAOmeme and remember to tag @curio_invest, or @Rollapp_store.

If any CurioDAO’s partners are part of the meme created, the tweet should also tag the partners’ handle (e.g.@SkaleNetwork, @NEARProtocol, @BinanceChain, @Chainlink, @Polkadot, @MakerDAO)

● Post your meme in the CurioDAO Official Community on Discord in the #memes section. Participants who fail to submit their Memes via tweet links to the CurioDAO Official Community on Discord will not be counted.

● The contest will run for 21 days and final results will be announced within 7 days after the contest end date.

● There will be 19 winners in total! Please see below the breakdown of the Meme Contest rewards:

1st: $300 worth of $CGT

2nd: $200 worth of $CGT

3rd: $100 worth of $CGT

4th-19th: $25 worth of $CGT each

● All participants must follow CurioDAO on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and Medium.

● We have to ensure all participants are following us on our social media accounts and therefore using the Gleam contest management tool.

● We allow participants to submit more than one time. Remember to submit the twitter link on Gleam for each Meme. Participants who fail to submit their Meme via tweet links on gleam will not be conducted.

● No FUD memes are allowed.

● In the case of any disputes related to this meme contest, CurioDAO community managers reserve the right of final decision.

Criteria(s) for Winners Selection:

Twitter will be the main platform for participants to submit their entries. Winners will be judged based on the following popularity point system:

Each ‘Like’ = 1 point

Each ‘Retweet’ = 3 point

In addition, submission Twitter accounts with more followers will boost their chance of winning by getting their points multiplied based on the following points multiplier system:

100–500 Followers = 1.1x

501–2000 Followers = 1.5x

2001–10000 Followers = 2.5x

10001 or more Followers = 10x

Good luck everyone!

Join CurioDAO Meme Contest NOW!

What is CurioDAO?

CurioDAO is a platform for the tokenization of real-world assets. The company achieved early success with their asset tokenization product CurioInvest, generating $1M+ of sales when they tokenized Ferrari F12tdf, which is now traded on Capital DEX, CurioDAO’s decentralized exchange, AMM and yield farm powered by SKALE. CurioDAO is governed by the Curio Governance Token (CGT). Its decentralized exchange allows any individual to buy, earn, farm and stake the token. Additionally, CGT is used to purchase and sell NFTs on, CurioDAO’s NFT marketplace for physical assets. CurioDAO is recognized as top 20 by the number of members, received a grant from NEAR, and has begun deep integrations with Chainlink, SKALE, MakerDAO, Polkadot, BSC & Ethereum.

What is Capital DEX?

Capital DEX is a gasless decentralized exchange and yield farm on SKALE.

It was launched on December 25, 2020 in Switzerland. Capital DEX uses a liquidity protocol based on the Automated Market Maker (AMM) algorithm powered by Ethereum to exchange ERC-20 tokens. Wrapped tokens of the world’s first tokenized Ferrari F12tdf by CurioInvest are now traded on Capital DEX. Chainlink Oracles are used to ensure the integrity of price feeds for the CT1 Ferrari token. To get the CT1 Ferrari tokens users must go through KYC verification.

What is Rollapp?

Rollapp is CurioDAO’s decentralised boutique style marketplace allowing users to mint non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing physical assets. Rollapp was launched on the Ethereum blockchain in July, from the Eiffel Tower at ETH Paris 2021. RollApp’s main collection is the Curio founder’s edition NFT collection minted in 2018 which grants users bonuses. Curio NFTs are utility ERC-721 tokens that look like car parts (details), and a total of 900 NFTs have been minted as part of the collection. Since launch, users have bought a majority of the NFTs from Season 1 of the 900 assets collection and soon Season 2 will be released. Rollapp’s Real Assets NFTs include cars, sneakers, watches and wines. The Mercedes AMG GTS is the first tokenized DAO car on Rollapp. Those who own Mercedes AMG GTS NFTs get lucrative rewards from the vehicle’s rent.

What can you do with $CGT?

$CGT makes CurioDAO go round. Curio Governance token is the heart of the CurioDAO ecosystem. Buy it, earn it, spend it, farm it, stake it, get NFTs with it on!

Where to get $CGT?

You can currently get Curio Governance Token here.

Mint, purchase and sell RWA NFTs on Rollapp.

Swap, stake tokens, provide liquidity and get rewards on CapitalDEX.

Experience the stablecoin, borrow and lend here.

Learn more about CurioDAO

We encourage community members to partake in community discussions to help better shape CGT Tokenomics and help generate more utility ideas. Users may express their ideas to core team members through joining the CurioDAO telegram group:

More information about CGT tokens will be shared with the community as the project continues to develop. In the meanwhile, please feel free to follow us on Twitter to receive the latest news and updates from CurioDAO:

For more information, please visit:

CurioDAO | CapitalDex | RollApp| Twitter I Discord I Telegram I YouTube | CoinMarketCap

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CurioDAO Ecosystem

CurioDAO accelerates real asset tokenization through community-powered tools, fostering research and development with CGT tokens for governance.