CurioDAO Expands to the NEAR Blockchain — Announcing Rare NFT Backed Tesla Roadster First in Series Lineup

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4 min readOct 27, 2021


Liechtenstein, October 27, 2021 — CurioDAO is thrilled to announce its integration with NEAR, sharded, proof-of-stake, layer-one blockchain that is simple to use, secure and scalable.

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CGT and DEX liquidity pools on NEAR

The CurioDAO DeFi ecosystem extends to the NEAR network. To begin with, Curio Governance Token (CGT) support will be available on NEAR as it is a sharded blockchain with low transaction fees, 10 000x cheaper than ETH, and super fast. The upgrade will occur around November 20. Furthermore, liquidity pools will be created on well-known NEAR decentralized exchanges for CGT. Curio Governance Token is already listed on CurioDAO’s decentralised exchange Capital DEX, as well as on Bittrex and Probit.

Ethereum-NEAR bridge for CGT

The initial cross-chain transfer of CGT will be supported by Ethereum-NEAR bridges.

Tesla Curio DAO NFT

The Curio team has successfully tokenized and sold NFTs of a Mercedes-AMG GTS on the RollApp Marketplace in October 2021 and is glad to introduce the next asset which will be launched on the NEAR blockchain. CurioInvest plans to tokenize the first car on the NEAR network by the end of 2021 — the Tesla Roadster. In order to facilitate user participation, the car will be presented in the form of NFT standard ERC-1155 with a certain number of shares on sale. RollApp’s Tesla Roadster vehicle page will serve as the place for the sale. Stay updated by registering for early access.

The tokenized car is a DAO Car, which means that the owner is the community of DAO Car NFT stakes-holders. Tesla Roadster is a real-world asset that can be used as an investment vehicle and increase in value over time.

CGT tokens serve as the base currency on RollApp and are used to purchase Tesla Roadster NFTs. In order to purchase a car share, a user must have a confirmed account on the CurioInvest platform and pass a KYC process. This can be done right now here. In a few days, KYC / AML account verification is complete. Verified accounts gain access not only to the Tesla Roadster token sale but also to other Curio products: real-world assets NFT. Additionally, the CurioDAO team will announce the procedure for linking your NEAR wallet to your CurioInvest account before the token sale opens.

About Curio:

CurioDAO, a multi-chain NFT platform where users can easily mint RWA NFT, get liquidity or earn yield by creating farms. CurioDAO brings fractional investing to real-world asset NFTs. Beyond having the first-mover advantage and access to a unique supply of rare collectibles, our USP is reg-tech & blockchain. While focusing on asset tokenization, we gained early traction via our product CurioInvest. CurioDAO continues its deep integrations with NEAR, Chainlink, MakerDAO, Polkadot, BSC, SKALE and aims to become the top DAO.

About NEAR Foundation:

We exist to enable community-driven innovation to benefit people around the world by shepherding governance of the NEAR protocol, the easiest blockchain platform to build on. Visit

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