Curio Founders Edition Season 2 NFT Drop — Own a Precious Piece of Gaming History, in Partnership with Kleros

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Liechtenstein, November 30, 2021 — Anyone who knows anything about NFTs knows about CryptoPunks, the pixelated characters that have fetched millions of dollars on the Ethereum blockchain, and in world-renowned auction houses such as Christie’s.

Perhaps you’ve wondered why pixel art is so central to NFT culture? The answer is simple: pixels are the basic building blocks of digital visual culture, similar to how the world of cryptocurrency consists of millions of cryptographic blocks on the blockchain.

With this in mind, CurioDAO is thrilled to offer a unique investment opportunity in the form of CurioPunks. Curio’s CTO has compared these NFTs to matryoshka dolls, because they are much more than meets the eye: on the surface, you have an NFT on the Ethereum network (ETH), and inside you have another NFT on the Ethereum Classic network (ETC). Yep, two NFTs for the price of one! These NFTs also give holders exclusive access to the Curio Founders’ Membership Club. This membership includes VIP bonuses and discounts, as well as access to exclusive events.

CurioPunks are part of the Curio Founders Edition NFT drop: Season 2, launching on November 29. These NFTs will be available on Rollapp, CurioDAO’s NFT launchpad. CurioDAO are experts on assets with the best potential for value appreciation.

Own a Precious Piece of Gaming History

Speaking of pixels, there is an extra-special Real-World Asset NFT in this RollApp NFT collection: an original copy of the Nintendo Super Mario Bros game!

When video games first appeared on the scene, game developers were limited in how many pixels they could use to build their virtual worlds. The history of computer graphics is the history of how many pixels computer memory could handle. Orson Welles once remarked that “the enemy of art is the absence of limitations”. Shigeru Miyamoto proved his point by using the limitations of 8-bit computation to create the original, iconic Mario Bros games that changed the face of home and arcade entertainment forever. Our reverence towards such creations is not driven by mere nostalgia — it is driven by awe and respect for the kind of technological wizardry that continues in the world of cryptocurrency, spearheaded by the likes of Satoshi Nakomoto and Vitalik Buterin.

This is why RollApp is so proud to announce our Super Mario Bros Real-World Asset NFT. A copy of the original Mario Bros game will be tokenized and made available to buy exclusively with the Curio Governance Token (CGT) on We’re giving you the chance to own a share in one of the most important artifacts in the history of digital technology. To get a sense of how valuable this is: an unopened copy of the game has sold for 2 million dollars!

With such extraordinary value comes great responsibility. RollApp is teaming up with Kleros to ensure that our Real-World Asset NFTs are backed by the best security and guarantees of authenticity. Kleros will be used to verify that the people tokenizing physical assets via CurioDAO are really in possession of those assets (for example, by submitting the video with the asset as evidence).

Another planned integration includes the use of Proof of Humanity in order to verify users in the RollApp marketplace. Proof of Humanity is most famous for supporting the decentralized Basic Income project UBI, and both Kleros and PoH have received the blessing of Vitalik Buterin himself.

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