Celebrate RollApp’s Launch on SKALE With The Curio Season 3 NFT Collection

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2 min readApr 7, 2022


To celebrate the launch of CurioDAO’s gas-free NFT launchpad RollApp on the SKALE network, we’re dropping a very special digital collection of NFTs, uniquely packaged as “NFT boxes”. Each of the 50 boxes contains three NFTs. These NFTs come from a collection of 900 exclusive NFTs minted since 2018.

Curio Season 3 NFT holders will automatically get the chance to win a highly prized NFT from an iconic sports brand collection and a customized cartoon character. This would make an excellent introductory package for anyone wanting to dip their toes into the sometimes intimidating world of NFTs. Especially when there’s no risk of large gas fees when you’re using SKALE.

Branching out into the “real” world, these NFT boxes also grant the holder special access to CurioDAO events, where they’ll enjoy some valuable perks. At the Davos 2022 event, Curio Season 3 NFT holders will receive free merch!

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