CapitalDex Goes Live next week on the SKALE, providing DEX and token swap support to RollApp, the world’s first compliant real-world tokenized NFT Marketplace

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4 min readDec 30, 2021


Zug, December 30, 2021 — Contrary to popular belief, NFTs aren’t just for BoredApes or CryptoPunks.

NFTs are a robust platform for doing everything from proving ownership of a digital asset, to creating brand/fan engagement to being a method for tokenizing real world assets, as you’ve seen with the wildly successful CurioInvest Founders Edition Tokenized Supercar, the Ferrari F12TDF.

Having the tokenized asset is only half the picture, it’s equally as important to have a robust marketplace with decentralized exchange functionality to support those assets from a trading and launch perspective. To that end, Capital DEX, a fully decentralized exchange will support users in exchanging popular crypto assets such as ETH and USDC into other assets such as CGT (Curio Governance Token) that provide unique utility within applications such as RollApp, the first compliant tokenized real-world NFT marketplace.

Capital DEX uses a liquidity protocol based on the Automated Market Maker (AMM) algorithm to swap ERC-20 tokens and does so in a feeless manner for end users thanks to functionality provided within the SKALE Network. Wrapped tokens of the world’s first tokenized Ferrari F12tdf by CurioInvest are now being traded on Capital DEX. This is part of CurioDAO’s larger strategy to offer end to end solutions for tokenizing and launching real world assets via the RollApp, real-world asset NFT Launchpad.

Consumers now have an added thing to be excited about, as next week Capital DEX will be live on SKALE mainnet. This means Capital DEX users can now enjoy lightning-fast, gasless trading. Say goodbye to $100 fees to swap tokens, thanks to SKALE’s fully decentralized, Ethereum native, multichain scaling solution. This represents a major step for CurioDAO in their commitment to an accessible and inclusive multi-chain future. ​​”We’re excited to see how CurioDAO has continued to raise the bar on tokenization of assets and decentralized applications. Now built on SKALE’s network we believe they have a powerful combination for bringing their Dapps to millions of consumers globally.” said Fabio Tomaschett, Director of Business Development and Operations of NODE Anstalt a not-for profit entity which provides support to the SKALE Network.

CurioDAO is also using The Graph’s technology to index Capital DEX analytics on the SKALE network as well as on the Ethereum network. This innovative use of The Graph deploys decentralized indexing technology to solve a common problem in dApp development: costly and time-consuming access to blockchain data. This is a major boon for CurioDAO’s developers, who want to ensure fast and accurate data across the Curio ecosystem.

“The crypto ecosystem has come a long way, and SKALE now brings crucial infrastructure for scaling the CurioDAO ecosystem, ultimately enhancing technical scalability that creates social scalability. The latter term, coined by Nick Szabo, suggests DeFi can completely shape the future of finance by providing the missing piece in a system that enables mass adoption and access while reducing the need for intermediate trusted players,” says Fernando Verboonen, co-founder of Curio Capital AG, a pioneer and technology leader in asset tokenization.

“As Ethereum’s high gas fees become impossible to work with, when the cost of a USDT-ETH swap can reach 200 USD on Uniswap, and when NFT minting costs are through the roof, CurioDAO and SKALE give users the ultimate solution. We are very pleased to offer zero-cost swaps, followed by gasless NFT minting on our Rollapp marketplace, it a true end to end solution” notes Vladimir Kislinskii, co-founder and CTO of Curio Capital AG.

Our partner at Skynet Trading is providing liquidity for traders. “Skynet Trading is excited to be working with CurioDAO,” says Pancho Vanhees, co-founder of Skynet Trading. “CurioDAO is utilizing SKALE technology to provide gasless mining and trading of assets in their marketplace and AMM. Skynet Trading brings its expertise in liquidity and trading to further stimulate the growth of their ecosystem”.

About Capital DEX

Capital DEX is a gasless decentralized exchange and yield farm on SKALE. It was launched on December 25, 2020 in Switzerland. Powered by Ethereum, Capital DEX uses a liquidity protocol based on the Automated Market Maker (AMM) algorithm to exchange ERC-20 tokens. Wrapped tokens of the world’s first tokenized Ferrari F12tdf by CurioInvest are now traded on Capital DEX. Chainlink Oracles are used to ensure the integrity of price feeds for the CT1 Ferrari token.

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