Capital DEX CGT/DAI and CGT/ETH & PancakeSwap CGT/BUSD liquidity mining event

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TLTR: In this post, we include more information on the ongoing liquidity mining activities with the idea to reward early contributors for their support.

What is CGT Liquidity Stake event?

If you are not familiar with Capital DEX and PancakeSwap yet, it would be a great opportunity to get acquainted! And for the Curio community, developers offer a reward in CGT per week for every 0.1% in the CGT/DAI (or CGT/ETH) Capital DEX liquidity pool or for every 0.1% in the CGT/BUSD PancakeSwap V2 liquidity pool. Don’t miss it. Here you can find a list for CGT liquidity mining events:

Details of how reward calculated

Take a looked at this shared document where the real-time calculation is located here

Tab “Uniswap token stakes example” is an example of how we calculate % in the pool for everyone. We decided to use median function. In statistics the median is the value separating the higher half from the lower half of a data sample. For a data set, it may be thought of as the “middle” value. Read more about Median function on wikipedia:

Tab “Liquidity stake rewards” is a weekly distribution, where you can find the reward Ethereum transaction link in the last column. You can put your comments inside cells.

Rewards calculation example

Suppose you added 12,000 DAI and 10,073 CGT to the liquidity pool (CGT/DAI pool on Capital DEX), and you calculated 4.62% pool share. A week later, your pool will be, for example, 3.5% of the total liquidity, i.e. besides you, other participants also added to the pool during the week. The average value of your participation in the liquidity pool is: (4.62% + 3.5%) / 2 = 4.06% ~ 4%. Calculating of reward for supporting the liquidity of the project token: 4% * 62 CGT = 248 CGT. And so every week for liquidity providers.

Stake rewards calculation

Liquidity pool staking reward distribution algorithm similar to Polkadot Inflation. Depending on the staking participation, the distribution of the emission to liquidity providers will change dynamically to provide incentives to participate (or not participate) in staking. The ideal stake will be 60% of real-time circulation CGT.

CGT annual inflation is designed to be up to 80%. CGT rewards for CGT/DAI liquidity mining on Capital DEX and CGT/BUSD liquidity mining on PancakeSwap V2 will be distributed in parallel with staking at Curio Parachain.

Minimal CGT annual inflation designed to be 10%. It means the corridor for CGT liquidity pools staking reward distribution algorithm is 10–80% of real-time circulation.

See calculation doc

Token info:

Bridge Ethereum<>Binance Smart Chain for CGT:

How to connect to Binance Smart Chain with Metamask:

Liquidity event parameters:

To participate in the distribution of CGT, you need to keep Capital DEX LP tokens on the wallet address. This means that CLP tokens should not be used as a stake for farming on Capital DEX

  • CGT/BUSD PancakeSwap V2 liquidity pool contract:
  • Event start time: March 10, 2021
  • Schedule rewards distribution: weekly
  • First week: 10.03.21–17.03.21 (first week upon event start time)
  • Schedule: the beginning of the week — Monday, the end of the week — Sunday, calculation rewards and distribution on Monday-Tuesday of next week
  • Rewards distribution period: 24–48 hours after the end of each week
  • Minimal stake to be rewarded: 0.1% Capital DEX CGT/DAI (or CGT/ETH) pool or 0.1% PancakeSwap V2 CGT/BUSD pool
  • From May 17, 2021, the stake will be taken into account in both the Capital DEX CGT/DAI and CGT/ETH pools and PancakeSwap V2 CGT/BUSD pool when distributing rewards

Rewards calculation parameters:

  • CGT annual inflation: 10–80% of real-time circulation
  • Targeted active staking: 60% of real-time circulation

Real-time values:

  • Total staked CGT around liquidity pools on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain: will be determined at the end of each week of the event
  • Circulation CGT: will be determined at the end of each week of the event

Link for Add CGT/DAI liquidity on Capital DEX

Link for Add CGT/ETH liquidity on Capital DEX

Link for Add CGT/BUSD liquidity on PancakeSwap V2

For more information, please visit:

RollApp I Capital Dex | CurioDAO I Twitter I Discord I Telegram I YouTube

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