Announcing the Next Big Model of Passive Income through Real-Word Assets NFT: CurioDAO’s Mercedes-AMG GTS Token

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5 min readSep 6, 2021


CurioInvest — A Project Overview

People always desire to own a luxury car, yet this world has never displayed a decent system for the commoners to obtain one. CurioInvest has made it possible for everyone to own a luxurious asset in the form of a tokenized car. While offering the first tokenized Ferrari in the world, CurioInvest has propagated towards announcing the next big, tokenized asset. This investment platform for collectible cars has kept an upper hand in developing a potential system. is one of their recent additions that has made the sale and purchase of these tokenized assets easier and convenient.

RollApp — A Swiss Killer App: Real-World Asset NFT Launchpad

CurioDAO, the DeFi platform that gives users the freedom of managing real-world assets, provides users with multiple solutions. These solutions, usually illustrated as a form of NFT marketplace, connect the hodlers with the Curio ecosystem perfectly. RollApp is one example of a store put forth by the CurioDAO developers, serving as an answer to unlocking traditional assets through tokenization. RollApp has kept a transitioning model of cross-platform trading while enabling users to manage and purchase tokens across the application.

CurioDAO Car — Presenting a Coherent Car Rental System through RWA-NFTs

As CurioInvest introduced the Ferrari F12tdf asset token as the first super-car tokenized asset, it proceeded with adding more assets in its bag. The Mercedes-AMG GTS token will be presented as an ERC-1155 token on the Ethereum Blockchain. This tokenized asset is to be introduced across the CurioDAO Car Project as the first DAO Car, the exclusive rental car platform presented by CurioInvest.

CurioInvest proposes to devise a complete rental car system for enabling NFT passive income for its token hodlers. The Mercedes AMG GTS, primarily owned by CurioInvest, would be rented by the people living across the city of Zug, Switzerland. As the project puts its token into sale, this DAO Car will be owned by the community of the CurioDAO Car NFT token hodlers.

How is the CurioDAO Car Renting System Going to Proceed?

As this DAO Car will be available across Zug, Switzerland, it will be available for rent for the locals. You might wonder how the finances will operate across this digital platform? The structure is simple and effective. The car rental mechanism is intended to be developed and controlled across the substrate-based Curio Parachain and IoT devices. The connection between Curio Parachain and IoT devices will be processed through Robonomic’s cloud infrastructure or significant device modules for effective interaction.

Managing the Financial Distribution for CurioDAO Car Rental

Being a part of the CurioDAO DeFi ecosystem, the car rental finances will be handled with Curio Governance Token (CGT). Although CGT presents itself as the main token responsible for car renting, other Capital DEX-supported tokens are also accepted as a form of payment. The Mercedes-AMG GTS will be available for anyone to rent. CurioDAO intends to present a diverse system of payment for these users. A gateway implementation for payments through bank cards is to be introduced in parallel with ETH and ERC-20 tokens. The adoption of ETH and ERC-20 tokens as a payment form has been made possible with the integration of the car rental process across the Ethereum Blockchain and Curio Parachain. The rental payments will be processed across Ethereum and paid up to the DAO Car NFT holders in the form of CGT.

The CGT tokens received from every car rental gig are to be distributed among the community owners of the DAO car, subtracting the commission that is to be paid to Curio’s ecosystem.

Curio DAO Car Token — The Selling Procedure

Our Curio DAO Car Token is introduced into the world across the Ethereum Blockchain as an ERC-1155 token, a state-of-the-art token standard. It will be available for sale across for just ten days. Within this time frame, five days are reserved for the members of the Curio Founders’ Membership Club. To become a part of the Founders’ Club, users can purchase Curio Founders Edition NFTs across These members will also receive a 10% discount off CurioDAO Car NFT along with early access.

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Video: CurioInvest Introduces its Next Tokenized Asset: Mercedes-AMG GTS

Building a Reputable Accounting System — The Future of Curio Products

CurioInvest intends to design a user reputation tracking system for the determination of user interactions through Curio products. With the RollApp platform, users can build their reputation by actively using the marketplace. Their on-chain implementation across ERC-725 standards will be practiced adjacent to LUKSO solutions. CurioInvest will promote the reputation of those users who fulfill the KYC process across the platform before introducing the token sale of CurioDAO Car.

Where to Buy CGT Tokens?

Capital DEX exchange now offers CGT tokens to its users, with the ability to gain tokens through farming, liquidity mining, and community events. You can follow us across our official Telegram channel for more CGT information.

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